Where can we find the Secret of the Old Tower?

The Secret of the Old Tower is an activity that takes place in the Travel Agency Torrevieja Travel, the address is María Parodi Street 26, 03181 Torrevieja

How much does the game cost?

The price is € 60 per team.

Can we play more than 5 people?

We are sorry but it is not possible. The game is tested for a maximum of 5 people per team, with a greater number of players, the lack of space does not allow a proper development of the game.

From what age is it possible to play?

In the secret of the Old Tower we have several levels of difficulty, although at first it is thought as a game for adults, we have version for children from 8 years old but always accompanied by an adult. If you have any questions about this you can contact us at the email torreviejatravel@clickviaja.com

It is mandatory that at least one of the players is over 18 in the group.

Is the game scary?

There are no elements of terror or frights. It is a game that causes an adrenaline rush, and for 60 minutes you will be locked in the room with a countdown on the clock. If you suffer from anxiety, it is your responsibility to come and play, but in any case in the room there is a panic button, which in case of overwhelm automatically opens the exit door. Also the game master will be controlling throughout the game the development of the same from the surveillance cameras.

Can I play if I’m pregnant?

Yes, it is not necessary physical effort and if you need it you will have a chair to rest.

It is very difficult?

NO, the important thing is teamwork, but we have different levels of difficulty, we will adapt it to the previous experience of your team.

Can people with wheelchairs play?

In principle by the characteristics of this new adventure, the game is not accessible for people in wheelchairs, even if you are interested contact us at torreviejatravel@clickviaja.com to discuss the limitations and options to play.

Can I cancel my reservation?

Please, if you wish to cancel your reservation, please notify us at torreviejatravel@clickviaja.com as soon as possible so that we can set that game turn free again, indicating your name and surname and day and time of the reservation.

What forms of payment are allowed?

You can pay in cash when you come to play, or previously by bank transfer by contacting us by email or phone.

Can I give away the The Secret experience?

Of course, you will receive an email with all the information for payment, and as soon as we receive it, we will send you a gift voucher in PDF format that you can give to anyone you want to come and play when you want, along with a surprise.