What is The Secret of the Old Tower?

After the success of our adventure The Secret of the Old Tower and its Mystery of the Pharaoh, Torrevieja Room Escape now brings us its new adventure, set a long time ago, in a very distant galaxy, addressing groups that are formed between at least 2 and 5 players. The mystery occupies every corner of our room but you should know that the game will unfold smoothly so no one has an excuse to stay out of the room.

In 60 minutes your minds will be completely taken up by riddles and puzzles to complete the different missions. As a backdrop the story of a rebel commando that has managed to enter the forest of Endor, and must access the bunker of the imperial base that controls the defense of the construction of the new Death Star, to steal an imperial shuttle that helps the true heroes of the rebellion to destroy this new combat station.

The game is initially intended for adults. In order to facilitate access to adventure for children, there is a special modality from age 8, although the presence of adults in the group is also required.

2 thoughts on “What is The Secret of the Old Tower?

  1. How much does this cost and can it be done in English? For a group of 4 adults

  2. yes, the game is available in english, the price is 60 € for the team from 3 until 6 people

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